e.Long-di●stance mobili

w and 〓CTO of Huawei Wire◆less Networks,● said it's◆ a technol◆ogical challenge ■and opportunity○ to use the long-■distance transmissio〓n of 5G mmWave Mob●ile Communicati●ons technolo■gy.The wireless indu◆stry, he said will s■tart using the new○ spect

  • t■y transmission o○ver 5GmmWave ◆is one of the en●abling techn●ologies to realize ■5G enhanc
  • ed Mob〓ile Broadband (■eMBB) and ub■iquitous con○nectivity of mass
  • ive○ data rate while fu●lly leveraging th〓e current m●acro-c

rum 100 〓times broader tha◆n current netwo○rk to foster ●next wave of in●novations.〓"The 5G mmWave〓


ellul○ar si

ogy will h●elp our customers t〓o reuse the existing■ network infrastru●cture, especi○ally for s〓it

es resource,○ to protect their● inve

stment. Hua○wei will continue ○to innovate t■o make 5G mmWa〓ve a success," ●Wen said.Achieving ●wi

de area coverage a●nd mobility perfor

th 5G hi
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